Students at Fanshawe College produce a wide variety of scholarly and creative works.This is a collection of all of our exemplary student work published to FIRST. Scroll down to browse all student publications.

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Submissions from 2022


Food and Beverage Bots – An Exploration of the Relationship Between Marketing Automation and Grocery E-Commerce, David Joel

Submissions from 2019


Embracing the views of those who matter the most: an approach towards a more sustainable recreational program for older adults, Apurva Desai


Uncontested: A Case Study Exploring the Effects of Long-Term Incumbency in Sarnia, Ontario, Rebecca Hay


Dementia Education: What are the Needs of Post-Secondary Students in London, Ontario?, Tri Le

Submissions from 2018


The interactions between paramedics and homeless patients and the implications on patient care provided, Alyson Cochrane

Submissions from 2017


Prehospital use of ipratropium bromide paired with salbutamol as treatment for shortness of breath., Lisa Henderson