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Fine Art Program
Fanshawe College

McIntosh Gallery
University of Western Ontario

April 16th to May 3rd., 1998

Guest Speaker: Michael P. Gibson

Director: Michael Gibson Gallery

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IMP & Reprographics at Fanshawe College


Fanshawe College, Fine Arts, artists, School of Design, mixed media, painting, sculpture, Jaime Boyle, Lisa Breault-Okkema, Tori Brine, Maria Bulani, Joanne Calleja, Erin Callum, Jordan Eveland, Meagan Fitz Patrick, Claudia Haase, Debra Hartman, Benoit Labonte, Shari Lazenby, Chris MacKenzie, Helena Ogorzelec, Victoria Palmer, Claudia Rivas, Gian-Paul Roman, Diane Smele, Megan Spencer, Nathan Tremblay, David Wilcox, Zachary Williams, acrylic, wood, leather, canvas, watercolour, woodcut, charcoal, chalk on paper, silverprint, xerox, lithograph, pencil, conte, wire, etching, ink on paper, video

1998 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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