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Graduation Exhibition 2015

Fanshawe College Fine Art Program

The Arts Project
April 8-18, 2015

Opening Reception
Saturday April 11, 2015

Guest Speaker
Jennifer Simaitis
Membership Coordinator: The Power Plant Gallery Toronto

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Fanshawe College, Fine Art, School of Design, artists, oil on canvas, silkscreen, mixed media, acrylic, sculpture, fabric, Deborah Bento, Emma Bradley, Erin Chapman, Melanie Charbonneau, Caitlin Christakos, Elise Comtois, Carl Dalida, Richard Dojosefski, Michelle Fleming, Christine Greer, Tarique Hall, Lori Jensen-Brazier, Qingqing Liu, Kery Maddison, Alexandra Malakhova, Christopher McIntyre, Meriem Oumessad, Matthew Preszcator, Louisa Rawe, Madelaine Row, Alex Skinner, Thomas Stuart, Peter Weilharter, Nicole Williams, print, modelling, stonehenge, video, charcoal, etching

2015 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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