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SKETCHBOOK 39th grad exhibition
Graduation Exhibition 2011

Fanshawe College Fine Art Program

The ARTS Project
April 13-24, 2011
Opening: Saturday April 16 7pm - 10pm

Guest Speaker:
Lisa Daniels
Gallery Lambton, Sarnia

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Fanshawe College, Fine Art, School of Design, artists, painting, sculpture, Adam Campbell, plaster, clay, Aim Garbutt, ink on paper, Andrew Taylor, wood, Becky Young, Brando Hare, video still, Brittany MacLean, watercolour, pencil, Brittany Pitts, digital print, Carlie Cochrane, Chelsey Greig, acrylic, canvas, Chris Hall, aluminum, Christopher Miguel Rich, Danielle Hurman, Danielle Smith, Jenny Lynn Keener, Jessica Conlon, John Jobe, oil, Karalyn Reuben, Kristy Cons, fabric, yarn, Mike van Kasteren, Nichole Turner, silkscreen, Nichole Winger, Randy Bross, audio equipment, Sara Sicilia, mixed media, Stephanie Gwynne, Stephanie Talbot, Tabitha Smith-Develter, Travis Glavin, masonite

2011 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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