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Graduation Exhibition 2009

McIntosh Gallery
April 9-26, 2009

Guest Speaker
Greg Murphy, Chair, Contemporary Media, Fanshawe College

The Bijan's Art Studio Award will be presented at the Opening Reception.

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Fanshawe College, Fine Art, School of Design, artists, painting, drawing, sculpture, Brian Vandevelde, mixed media, Bana Newman, acrylic, canvas, Laura Acosta, Ashley Archer, charcoal, Milena Jazarevic, letraset, Zoe Curti, Sam Chilvers, Kari DeBlaire, charcoal, digital print, Amber Brunekreeft, Catherine Pittana, Miranda Kroesbergen, Rob Frenette, Christen Mulder, bowling pins, yarn, Lorynne Southwell, plywood, digital print, Yvonne Vritsios, colour video, Lindsay Kaufmann, embossed print, relief print, Stephanie Drabik, watercolour, paper, Nicholas B Lopes, acrylic latex, polystyrene, Chantal Zettel, Jillian Fergusson, plastercine, Nathaniel Gordon, oil, Lisa Bassett, tissue paper, Matt Stewart, clay, enamel, gold leaf, Monique Bedard, silkscreen, Deidre Donnell, Michelle Marchand, video projection, Calista Povelofskie, Jordan King, copper, Amie Morrison, Brittney Traver

2009 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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