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Party's Over

Graduation Exhibition 2010

Fanshawe College Fine Art Program

The ARTS Project
April 13-24, 2010

Guest Speaker: Scott Everingham

The Bijan's Art Studio Award will be presented at the Opening Reception

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Fanshawe College, Fine Art, School of Design, artists, sculpture, painting, drawing, Dustin Adrian, Olivia Burham, Jessy Donn-Barkley, Rachael Farkas, Christine Fleming, Melise Hill, Clayton King, Nyssa Komorowski, Danny Laranjo, Johanna Martin, Andrew McEwan, Robert Merriam, Tyler Nolan, Abigail Smith, Michael Thomson, Sammie Verge, Jessica Wareing, Amber Warner, Heather Wodhams, Jiana Ziab, acrylic, canvas, lino cut, stonehenge, digital image, acetate, mixed media, plaster, oil, cotton, steel, wood, spray paint, video projection, sugar, tea, soya, watercolour, human hair

2010 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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