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Graduation Exhibition 2005

Fanshawe College Fine Art Program

McIntosh Gallery
University of Western Ontario

April 14th to May 2nd 2005

Guest Speaker: David Liss, Director-Curator, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

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Fanshawe College, Fine Art, School of Design, artists, sculpture, painting, drawing, Heather Rittinger, mixed media, Judith Hopper, fiberglass, acrylic, polyester resin, Jennifer Simaitis, video and audio projection, installation, Audrey Epp, photographs, Stacey Hamilton, photocopy, Brenda Chrysler, Breanna Lawlor-MacDonald, polaroid, Jackie Haycock, Richard Hatt, Reid Price, animation, Vanessa Fabbricino, marker, matboard, Lauren Elfman, Brian Skinner, acrylic, canvas, Stewart Fanning, Daniel Joyce, Tara MacDougall, automotive paint, screen print, ink, Michelle Dobbyn, latex, masonite, Tamara Juarex, plaster, wood, Jana Black, paper, Heather Marriner, oil

2005 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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