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Graduation Exhibition 1999

Fine Art Program
Fanshawe College

London Regional Art & Historical Museum

April 14 to May 16, 1999

Guest Speaker: Arlene Kennedy
Director, McIntosh Gallery
UWO London, Ontario

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Fanshawe College, Fine Art, School of Design, artists, drawing, sculpture, painting, Josie Carroll, video, oil pastel, paper, canvas, mixed media, Eric Cator, silverprint, acrylic, Blayne Collins, Gerri Dupuis, woodcut, Johanna Fetterly, charcoal, chalk, conte, Ken Gaskell, graphite, Sarah Hilmarsson, digital print, Jamie Jardine, collage, vinyl, Summer Kalbfleisch, Lisa Kaplin, Si-eun Lee, letraset, Bryan McLean, etchings, masonite, Sean Odell, steel, Shaun Patterson, silkscreen, Danny Peters, Corey Powers, Leigh-Anne Ryan, colour photograph, Brad Snow, Paul Van Loon, Kimberly Anne Walker

1999 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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