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Fanshawe College
Fine Art Graduation Exhibition

April 17th - May 4th
McIntosh Gallery
London, Ontario

Guest Speaker
Madeline Lennon

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Fanshawe College, Fine Art, School of Design, artist, painting, drawing, sculpture, Audrey Neubert, acrylic, canvas, Jeffrey Sproul, silver gelatin photo, Lindsay Muzylowsky, intaglio print, Jeff Kant, found objects, Becky Muller, cedar, Jodi Decicco, Toby Laws, india ink, paper, Darryn J. Rae, photocopy, coloured marker, Boyd Harris, Jane Bannon, copper, wood, Scott Woodward, mixed media, Mikey Rikley, John Longden, steel, plywood, Dave Sones, Jonathan Banman, Sonja Leal, ink, Philip Desmarais, Wendy Butler, oil, Mike Carter, Leslie Kaczun, Julia Bakker, Jarrod Zimmer, etched glass, polymer plastic, Hans Stierwalt

1997 Fine Art Graduation Exhibition Catalogue



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