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The rationale for this project is rooted in the importance of students engaging in effective study habits in preparation for exams at the collegiate level. Many investigations into study habits rely on student self reporting. In this project we use online student activity data to supplement survey responses and attempt to determine whether an online study skills module a) impacted exam performance and b) changed student study habits. Students in online and blended courses were provided with an online study skills module that recommended effective study strategies. We examined clickstream data to identify the students who accessed the study skills module and then compared exam scores between those students who accessed the module and those that did not. Students were also asked to complete an anonymous survey to ask about their studying practices, including their experience with the study skills module. Findings suggest that the availability of an online study resource did not affect student study habits or exam grades.

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Project presented at the Advancing Learning Conference, May 24, 2018 in London, Ontario