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Dementia is a chronic and progressive syndrome characterized by the disturbance of multiple brain functions. As of 2008, an estimated 500,000 Canadians will have a dementia diagnosis and is predicted to rise to 1.1 million Canadians in 2038. A lack of dementia awareness has been identified by McCormick Dementia Services. This study examines the current dementia knowledge of a small cross-section of post-secondary students in London, Ontario. A sample size of twenty-eight participants took an online survey in which students identified that they were able to recognize and had sufficient knowledge of dementia. The survey revealed that although adequate knowledge of dementia was present, the participants were unaware of various resources that could be found in their community to further educate themselves outside of the Alzheimer Society. 100% of students think it would be valuable to learn more about dementia. The participants’ expressed that if a youth and dementia education one-day symposium were offered, they were willing to attend on their own accord to further educate themselves. The survey indicated a demand for more opportunities to be made accessible for students to get involved and to gain further understanding of dementia. A more comprehensive study is recommended to revaluate post-secondary student’s interest in a youth and dementia education one-day symposium.