MY LANGUAGE: South Qikiqtaaluk word for


MY LANGUAGE: South Qikiqtaaluk word for "Do you understand?" ("Tukisiviit")

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Here's a new word for you to learn! South Qikiqtaaluk word for "Do you understand?" is "Tukisiviit"

In "Roman orthography", the word is spelled through English translation of inuktitut syllabic to "Tukisiviit", further translated to literally, "understand (do you?)". Furthermore, each region of the north that speaks Inuktitut, has their own dialect specific to region. My dialect is south qikiqtaaluk, because "I'm from South." ...South Baffin!!

BONUS WORD!!!! Roman orthography: Tukisinngittunga English translation: understand (I don't).

We use roman orthography for many reasons; make particular syllabic words specific, and to differentiate between Inuktitut words that sound alike but mean very different things. Also, a translator may understand Inuktitut audibly, but not know how to understand/use Inuktitut words/syllabic on paper and/or in ink, and only translate to English verbally. Roman orthography helps identify which syllabics are being used...tukisiviit is 10 letters in English, but only 5 syllabics/letters in Inuktitut. It makes learning and understanding Inuktitut easier.

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MY LANGUAGE: South Qikiqtaaluk word for