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Chatbot technology holds immense potential to profitably upgrade the digital presence of food and beverage brands when properly applied to their online sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. This paper helps these brands in realizing the potential of this technology and prepares them to put themselves at the forefront digitally at a time when we are seeing a huge move towards online sales from businesses in this industry. It does this by examining the current relationship between chatbot technology and increases in revenue for grocery brands that are using e-commerce to grow their business online. This was accomplished through interviewing multiple owners of online grocery brands that utilize chat marketing as part of their digital strategy, conducting a survey of 30 consumer participants who have engaged in recent (i.e., within the past six months) interactions with chatbots, and reviewing both existing scholarly literature and news articles on the subject.

The findings ultimately suggest that although many brands in this sector are currently struggling to obtain a meaningful and measurable increase in revenue from implementing this technology, it is certainly time for food and beverage brands that sell their products online to adopt chat marketing. Furthermore, the best and most profitable way to do this is to build chatbots capable of engaging the customer in detailed conversations that forge meaningful relationships and lead to increased brand advocacy.

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