Whether it is in the communities of London, Middlesex, St. Thomas Elgin, Oxford or Norfolk, the mandate of the Faculty of Access, Language and Regional Campuses is to deliver a comprehensive set of programming that is flexible, innovative and accessible. FoRCE provides academic upgrading for learners seeking access to Post-Secondary education; delivers Continuing Education courses and programs (F2F, Blended, Online or Accelerated); provides opportunities for learners seeking Post-Secondary Certificate and Diploma programming. In addition, James N. Allan and St. Thomas/Elgin Campuses also deliver Employment Services in their respective communities.

FoRCE carries primary responsibility for the College’s continuing education offerings designed to encourage professionals to expand their knowledge base and stay up-to-date on new developments, eLearning initiatives, and delivers local programs and services for our Regional Campus communities. We facilitate learning for students at every stage in their journey of Lifelong Learning.


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