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Research Paper


Entrepreneurial leadership is still considered by most a concept rather than a theory (Aldrich & Baker, 1997) and research is limited (Esmer, 2017) despite entrepreneurs having a long history shaping our capitalistic ecosystems. This paper will discuss the emerging entrepreneurial leadership theory as a new paradigm to explore, and its relevance to the leadership model and how education, government and industry are recognizing the importance of learning and teaching this model to ensure continued healthy growth in business and innovation. As entrepreneurs are shaping Canada’s economy through traditional business as well as through continuing to innovate while always considering the next big industry, producing and educating talented entrepreneurial leaders is an important consideration (Khosravi, 2018). This paper will also cover the commonalities between leaders and their entrepreneurial contemporaries, as well as discuss the differences that set them apart making entrepreneurial leadership the important and emerging theory that it has become.

Publication Date

Summer 8-31-2019